Silverlab Ionic Colloidal Silver Liquid 200ml



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Each 10 ml of SILVER LAB SL IONIC COLLOIDAL SILVER LIQUID contains: Colloidal silver D5 (5X) (18 ppm) (18mg/litre) in deionized purified water.                                                                          

Pharmacological action and Indications

The liquid helps to strengthen the immune system and is used as a natural antimicrobial liquid.
The liquid helps as a first line of defense against colds and flu.  It assists in the treatment of gastric upsets including food poisoning. It assists as an eye-wash with the treatment of eye infections and conjunctivitis. It helps with cleaning wounds, as well with the treatment of impetigo, hay fever, bladder inflammation and athletes foot.

Dosage and directions for use:
Take 10ml to 20ml twice daily on an empty stomach or as directed.  Hold in mouth for 2 or 3 minutes before swallowing. This facilitates sublingual absorption and saliva mixes with silver ions to form a metallo-protein. This metallo-protein carries the silver ions across the acid barrier of the stomach and into the blood stream. Do not dilute with water as the chlorine in the water will change the composition of the Silver Ions to form Silver Chloride. The Silver Chloride is not ideal, but it is still efficacious as about 1 tenth of the silver chloride is in the form of silver chloride ions. You may mix with natural fruit juice with no preservatives.

In severe cases, an adult can take up to 500ml per day for a period of 5 days.-Adults and children over 12 years of age: For Gastritis, gastric upsets and food poisoning, Candida albicans and yeast infections take 200 ml on empty stomach, don’t eat or drink for 20 minutes, and then 100 ml 3 times per day until condition clears.  For children between 4 years and 12 years of age, use half the abovementioned dosage.

Replace intestinal flora and drink large amounts of water to help eliminate toxins and re-hydrate after food poisoning. (A person should make a habit of drinking the following amount of water per day: Your weight X0.025+0.25 litres of water per day besides tea, coffee and cold drinks)
-For minor wounds and athletes foot: Spray twice to three times a day.   
-As an eye rinse:  Rinse carefully with 10 ml 3 times per day.
If the condition of mild food poisoning does not improve within 24 hours; if the conditions of bladder inflammation, gastritis and conjunctivitis do not improve within 3 days, or the conditions of hay fever and athletes foot within 6 weeks, please consult your Healthcare Practitioner.