JointPro™ (2 x 10ml) 2 x 10ml Cream Pumps



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If you suffer from joint, muscle, arthritis and tendon pain, JointPro™ is a new and unique peptide based cream specifically designed to relieve pain and discomfort and backed up with clinical studies.

Available in 2 handy pocket sized 10ml pumps.


JointPro™ contains the first transdermal ICPP Peptide specifically developed to relieve: arthritis, muscle, tendon and joint pains including degenerative joint disease and tendinitis.

•Increases and maintains Type II Collagen, the essential protein building block in your cartilage that deplete with age.
•Penetrates the skin producing a therapeutic effect
•Cooling / warming sensation for immediate pain relief
•Cartilage tissue regeneration by enhancing the HA, ECM, collagen synthesis in chondrocytes and tendon cells.
•Stimulates the target cells to promote the proliferation of growth factors that repair articular tissue.

For sufferers of degenerative arthritis, the manufacturer advises that use of 1 - 2 weeks to start eliminating pain and use of 3 - 4 weeks to feel increased joint mobility.

For tendon injuries, relief should be experienced within 1 - 2 weeks.