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Find out if you're at risk of cardiovascular disease risk with the world's first at-home arterial stiffness monitor.

What are the benefits of the Bio Cuff?

Measures arterial stiffness

Measures blood pressure and heart rate

Stores up to 30 readings to show trends over time

Enables you to assess your cardiovascular health at home

Gives an early warning before heart attack strikes

Why measure arterial stiffness?

We know that being overweight, having high cholesterol, and suffering from high blood pressure all put our cardiovascular health at risk. We also know that exercising more, not smoking, reducing our alcohol intake, and eating a balanced diet can help us to reduce those risks.

However, few of us know about the hidden dangers of arterial stiffness and how to measure it. This is where the Bio Cuff can help to save lives. Arteries, which transport blood around the body, need to be flexible to work at their best. As we age, and the effects of certain lifestyle factors take hold, our arteries stiffen, increasing our risk of heart attack or stroke.

The hidden dangers of arterial stiffness

According to experts, arterial stiffness is one of the most important indicators of cardiovascular health. However, many people with stiffened arteries are unaware of the problem until they suffer a potentially life-threatening heart attack.

How does the Bio Cuff measure arterial stiffness?

The Bio Cuff assesses the condition of your arteries to provide a 'stiffness index'.

Measuring arterial pulse wave velocity

As your heart beats, the aortic valve opens and receives a rush of blood from the heart. Pressure is transmitted from the walls of the heart to the walls of the arteries in a pulse wave. The Bio Cuff measures arterial stiffness by recording the speed of these pulse waves, your 'arterial pulse wave velocity', which reflects the stiffness of your arteries.

Providing an easy-to-read measurement

The readout on the Bio Cuff provides an easy-to-read measurement of stiffness.
Green: your arteries are healthy
Yellow: your arteries are beginning to stiffen
Red: your arteries are already hardening.

It also tells you your pulse rate and blood pressure.

Over time, you can use the Bio Cuff to measure the continuing state of your arterial health as it stores the results of up to 30 tests. The results will enable you to make important changes to your lifestyle and keep your physician apprised of your arterial health.