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Product Information

The Real Thing Green Power is a unique blend of nature’s most nutritious and healing superfoods from land, sea and fresh water. Each ingredient in this super-powered supplement has been chosen for its distinct nutritional makeup, but they’re all crammed with the antioxidant chlorophyll.

Why do you need Green Power?
Pollution. Urbanisation. Over-farming. Industrialisation. These disturbing symptoms of modern human life have led to an even more disturbing deterioration in the quality of our soil, air and water sources. This means that the plant foods that take root in our soil (or beneath our water) are also becoming deficient in the vitamins, minerals and organic compounds they're known to contain. So even the healthiest modern diet can leave you nutritionally short-changed.

FACT: The Real Thing Green Power is designed to deliver all the goodness offered by nature's green produce. And because every ingredient is organic or wild-harvested and additive-free, this goodness ultra-pure and undiluted.

Most human diseases and chronic conditions are caused or exacerbated by a deficiency in vital nutrients. But when you supply your body with the nutrients it needs in a form that is easily absorbed and utilised, your body knows how to repair itself. That's the thinking behind The Real Thing Green Power.

This supplement is designed to deliver a smorgasbord of nutrients, in a natural, organically grown, bioavailable form. It's a powerful way to fill in nutritional gaps and give your body the boost it needs.

GREEN STUFF IS GOOD STUFF. Chlorophyll, a compound responsible for the green colour in plants, is one of nature's most potent antioxidants. More chlorophyll means more antioxidant protection. So crank up your supply now.

Fill up with chlorophyll
"Eat your greens". You’ve heard it before and you’ll doubtless hear it again. But scientific and nutritional experts are finally verifying this age-old, sage advice. And it's all because of chlorophyll, a potent antioxidant compound responsible for the green colour in plants from land and sea. Chlorophyll is said to function as the oxygen-carrying "blood" of the plant because its molecular structure is virtually identical to haemoglobin, an oxygen-binding protein found in red blood cells.

Numerous studies have shown that chlorophyll (and its water-soluble derivative chlorophillin) can be used to help manage a range of conditions, from respiratory tract infections to cancerous lesions. This potent antioxidant has also been found to help counter the effects of radiation, detoxify the liver, fight anaerobic bacteria and prevent inflammation.

What's in The Real Thing Green Power?
This do-good green supplement is totally free of gluten, fillers, binders, maltodextrin, colorants, flavourants, preservatives and additives of any kind. What does it contain? Only the purest, nutrient-rich plants from land, sea and fresh water.

1. Grasses from the land

100% pure, organic wheat, barley and alfalfa grasses. These cereal grasses are often referred to as "nature's multi-nutrients" and, in addition to chlorophyll, the wheat, barley and alfalfa grasses used in The Real Thing Green Power are rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and specific phytonutrients that join forces to provide you with all the body-boosting nutritional energy you need.

FACT: Our grasses are organically grown at high altitudes in volcanic soil where they can lay down deep roots and absorb more nutrients. Alfalfa grass in particular lays down the deepest roots of any plant or vegetable and can therefore take in an extra-impressive range of nutrients.
2. Seaweeds from the ocean
A blend of 7 organic or wild-harvested sea vegetables. No family of foods offers more protection against radiation and environmental toxins than the seaweeds. And we've handpicked a selection of these nutrient-rich sea veggies to bring you the best of each one's unique nutritional benefits. Six of the seven chosen species are organically grown, while the seventh is wild-harvested. They are:
1.Organic kelp (Laminaria digitata)
2.Organic rockweed
3.Organic dulse
4.Organic bladderwrack
5.Organic sea lettuce
6.Organic laver
7.Wild-harvested nori

FACT: Sea "vegetables" provide 10 to 20 times more vitamins and minerals than land vegetables, including a rich supply of iodine, vital for glandular heath – particularly the pituitary, adrenal and thyroid glands.

3. Algae from the fresh waters

Chlorella pyrenoidosa algae. This fresh-water alga has long been hailed for its nutrient density. Chlorella comprises 60% easily assimilated protein, and an array of other nutrients, including nucleic acids, essential fatty acids and the antioxidant beta-carotene. In addition, this multi-talented member of the algae family is nature's richest source of chlorophyll, containing two to three times more of this antioxidant than any other food.

ALGAE IN ACTION. Chlorella has made a name for itself in heavy-metal detox. Plus it has immune-strengthening properties and can help support the body's defence against viruses and other micro-organisms.

How do you take it?
Choose the form that suits you best – versatile powder or easy-to-take tablets…

• green power powder: Take 1 teaspoon of once or twice daily, mixed with water or a fruit juice of your choice. Dose can be increased to 1 teaspoon three times daily, or consult your health care practitioner.

• green power tablets: For maintenance, take 6 tablets daily (500mg each), in one serving. If suffering from stress or illness, take 6 tablets two or three times daily, or consult your health care practitioner.

Bright ideas:
•Power up a smoothie
Blend 1 teaspoon of Green Power into your favourite fruit smoothie. Mix your choice of seasonal fruit with yoghurt, a dash of honey and 2 tablespoons of muesli (optional). Drink immediately.
•let’s Spread it on
Stir 1 teaspoon of Green Power into half a cup of low-fat, smooth cottage cheese, seasoned with mixed herbs and garlic. Then spread mixture onto a wholesome sandwich and add fillings of your choice. Follow with a glass of water.