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Product Information

Go green with The Real Thing Chlorella. It’s a spring-cleaning superfood crammed with nutrients and the plant antioxidant chlorophyll. But this fresh-water alga brings more than just a nutrient boost. It’s precisely what your body needs to help clear toxic heavy metals and chemical pollutants. It’s a detox waiting to happen.

FACT: Chlorella is a mighty microorganism. This awesome alga contains more protein per weight than meat or fish, as well as three times more of the antioxidant chlorophyll per weight than any other known plant.

What's in The Real Thing Chlorella?

First let’s look at what’s not in it. There are no binders, fillers, colourants, flavourants, preservatives, tableting aids or additives of any kind. It’s nothing more than a single-celled, two-billion year-old great, green superfood. The purest possible cracked-cell Chlorella pyrenoidosa algae.

This ancient micro-algae is fit for survival because it's packed with nutrients. It's also grown in fresh, shallow water and presented in an easy-access state.

FACT: The Real Thing Chlorella is even more bioavailable. The algae's cellulose cell walls are "cracked" through a low-temperature drying procedure to allow for easy digestion and absorption of all the good stuff inside.

What good stuff will you get?
•Chlorophyll, the potent antioxidant compound that gives plants their green colour. It's structurally similar to oxygen-carrying haemoglobin in red blood cells, which is why it helps increase red cell counts. Although chlorophyll can be found in many green foods, chlorella contains more of this antioxidant than any other known plant per weight. Three times more, in fact.
•Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), a unique phytochemical thought to be responsible for chlorella's active therapeutic effects.
•a variety of vitamins, including all the stress-busting B vitamins and vitamins A, C, E and K.
•Masses of minerals, particularly iron, but also calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, zinc, copper, sodium and a number of trace elements.
•essential fatty acids, that can help keep cholesterol levels in-check.
•Protein, carbohydrates, amino acids and nucleic acids. Chlorella contains more protein per weight than meat or fish and more DNA and RNA nucleic acids than any other natural source.

What does it do?
It's a day-to-day fight and an inescapable fact of modern life. Chemicals clutter up water supplies. Mercury in sea water finds its way into the flesh of fish we eat. Pollutants in the air and soil contaminate fruits, vegetables, plants and the animals that feed on them. Truth is, we're taking in toxins, directly or indirectly, through almost every meal.

That’s where The Real Thing Chlorella comes in.

DRAMATIC DETOX. Chlorella acts like an internal cleaning service, helping your body to clear out dangerous debris like mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium, as well as pesticides like DDT, kepone and PCBs.

How does Chlorella clean up?
•The detox effect. The cellulose found in chlorella’s tough cell wall has the ability to bind chemically with noxious heavy metals, which can cause nerve damage – like mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium. Chlorella can also help your body flush out hydrocarbon pesticide traces, like DDT, kepone and PCBs. Plus it can help reduce damage due to radiation exposure and increase the number of macrophages (immune cells that engulf and destroy invading organisms and contaminants). What will this detox do for you? First, it will ease the strain on full-time filtration organs like the liver and kidneys. Second, it will help boost your immune system and prevent tissue damage or degeneration caused by the torrent of environmental toxins.
•The cgf effect. Chlorella Growth Factor, or CGF, is a powerful, multi-system modulator. It's a combination of amino acids, carbohydrates, nucleic acids and peptides, found in chlorella, that work synergistically to bring your body to balance. CGF supports healthy immune function by stimulating the production of interferon, and protecting the T-cells and B-cells that make up the body's front line against infection. It also has a probiotic function – it stimulates the growth of good bacteria and supports the digestive system. Plus CGF's nucleic acids conduct the symphony of tissue regeneration, stimulating growth and repair without causing uncontrolled cell proliferation in the form of malignancies.

ANTI-AGEING EXTRA. Nucleic acid volumes start to decrease when you hit your twenties. But the Chlorella Growth Factor, or CGF, in chlorella boosts nucleic acid levels and so, may have an anti-ageing function.

The Real Thing Chlorella can also help:
•restore the pH balance in your body, helping to keep it optimally alkaline.
•sustain energy levels by boosting nutritional status.
•freshen breath.
•maintain the balance of bacteria in the bowel.


What does science say?
Chlorella is known to help modulate cell growth and combat radiation. That's why Japanese scientists have been investigating its effects since the nuclear disasters of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

FACT: Studies have shown that although chlorella doesn't kill cancer cells, its immune-boosting function can actually stimulate the body's natural defenses to overcome the effects of radiation and control cell growth.

For example, in one Japanese study, scientists gave mice chlorella for 10 days, and then injected them with three types of cancerous cells. The result: 70% of the chlorella-treated mice did not develop cancer at all, while all of the untreated mice died.

Similarly, a Virginia-based study treated 15 glioblastoma patients with powdered and liquid chlorella combined with standard chemotherapy and/or radiation. With treatment, glioblastoma patients usually show a two-year survival rate of 10%. But the 15 chlorella-treated patients showed a survival rate of 40%.

How do you take it?
To keep your detox safe and successful The Real Thing has packed its Chlorella in plastic to avoid contact with metals or moisture. For best results, keep this supplement stored in plastic as you buy it.
•For maintenance, take 5 tablets twice daily, at meal times, with a glass of water.
•For a more intense detoxifying dose, take 10 to 20 tablets daily or consult your health care practitioner.

FACT: If taken with compounds like cilantro and vitamin C, chlorella’s detoxifying properties can be even more profound. Try it with The Real Thing Ester-C® Combo, or contact The Real Thing for more detox-boosting supplements.

NOTE: if you also take vitamin C, take it a good few hours before or after taking chlorella.