OsteoFreez Gel- Nativa 75g



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A soothing gel that combines hot and cold properties.

OsteoFreeze Gel combines some of the actives of the Freeze and Rub to assist the body to curb pain, inflammation and swelling associated with sore muscles and joints.

How it works

OsteoFreeze Gel contains Menthol, Arnica and Capsicum. Menthol stimulates a thermal effect and depresses the sensation of pain. The Arnica assists the body to counter inflammation, swelling and speed up recovery time. Capsicum has powerful pain-relieving properties.

This combination of cold and hot actives, delivers a potent combination of actives to assist the body to manage inflamed muscles and joints – and the general symptoms associated with aches, sprains and strains.

Wash hands after application.  Keep away from the eyes.

Using OsteaFreeze Gel:

Apply a thin layer of gel to affected area 3 - 4 times a day.

Wash hands after application.

Keep away from the eyes.

Each 1ml contains:

Menthol  36.8mg 
Capsicum frutescens  5.25mg 
Arnica Montana flos sicc  10.5mg 


Keep out of reach of children