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Fast and warming pain relief for pain management in muscles and joints.

OsteoEze Rub provides a topical alternative for pain management in muscles and joints.
It contains Capsaicin - extracted from hot peppers or chilli. Although Capsaicin has been accredited with healing properties for many years, it has only recently become the subject of scientific study.

How it works
As a result of recent scientific interest, Capsaicin is now classified as an anti-arthritic phytochemical that renders the area to which it is applied insensitive to pain.

Evidence suggests that Capsaicin - the active ingredient in OsteoEze Rub - depletes Substance P in peripheral sensory neurons. Substance P is the neurotransmitter that transmits pain impulses to the brain.

During this process of high speed depletion users experience an initial irritation immediately after capsaicin has been applied. This is the reason why many users have reported that they can actually feel OsteoEze Rub going to work. This effect, known as causalgia, markedly decreases with regular applications of 3 to 4 times daily.

A burning sensation might develop if OsteoEze Rub is used less frequently. Recent studies have also shown that Capsaicin decreases prostaglandins - the chemical substances responsible for pain and swelling when the body is under stress.

Just apply the rub to the affected area.  Wash hands thoroughly after application.  Keep away from the eyes and irritated, broken or unexposed skin.

Using OsteoEze Rub:

Apply small quantities of cream three to four times daily to the affected areas. A bandage should not be placed over the treated area. OsteoEze Rub should not be applied to irritated skin or to muscles and joints prior to exercise. It can be used with other medication and is safe to use on a prolonged basis. It is ideal for people who cannot use other forms of pain management.

Do not use on broken or irritated skin – or unexposed areas. Wash hands after application.  Keep away from the eyes.

OsteoEze Rub contains 5 mg Capsaicin per 10 grams - extracted from hot peppers or chilli

Consumers can buy OsteoEze Rub in a handy 75 gram tube.

People who are allergic to chillies should not use OsteoEze Rub