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1st Line – the safe and healthy alternative to antibiotics

Rebuild depleted immune systems or boost healthy ones with 1st Line Thiocyanate Immune Support — one of the most popular and effective natural home remedies available.

What are the benefits of 1st Line Thiocyanate?

  • Harnesses the body’s natural bio-identical protection from attack
  • Fights influenza, colds, and infections like regular first-line antibiotics
  • Offers strong defence against viruses, yeasts and funghi
  • Easily activates immunity-boosting ions found naturally in the body: just add water
  • Attacks harmful bacteria without causing damage to our bodies’ healthy bacteria
  • Works as a regular monthly supplement or on an ad hoc basis when symptoms of cold or flu first become apparent

What is thiocyanate?

An alternative to antibiotics, thiocyanate is a group of ions found naturally in saliva, tears and milk that aid the immune system.

Until very recently, there was no way of isolating and storing thiocyanate ions for effective use at a later point.

British scientist, Dr Richard Steed, however, made a breakthrough that allowed the thiocyanate and 1st Line’s other active ingredient, hypothiocyannous, to be activated immediately prior to use.

By adding water to make a solution means that thiocyanate and hypothiocyannous can be used as part of a legitimate immune-boosting supplement.

How is 1st Line Thiocyanate better than antibiotics?

The ions that are activated when a 1st Line Thiocyanate sachet is mixed with water have a much lower molecular weight than antibiotics.

  • The ions diffuse much further and faster throughout the affected tissue than the synthetically made compounds that are most common.
  • The ions kill a much wider range of damaging microbes, like fungi, without interacting with naturally beneficial bacteria such as bifidobacteria or lactobacilli, which our bodies have evolved to accommodate.

1st Line Thyiocyanate is a remarkable supplement, which is set to change the way we think about protecting our health from toxins.