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The Sceletium tortuosum plant has been used by hunter-gatherers and shepherds as a mood enhancing substance for millennia¸ and is far more effective and rapid-acting than the well-know European plant Hypericum (St Johns Wort).


  • Low mood¸ winter-blues¸ mood swings
  • Anxiety¸ stress¸ nervous tension
  • Hot flushes and irritability in menopause
  • Alcoholic rehabilitation support
  • Irritability in smoking-cessation
  • Supports libido

Chemistry and Pharmacology:
The active constituents of the plant are mesembrine-alkaloids along with the closely related compounds of mesembrenone¸ mesembrenol and tortuosamine¸ which have been demonstrated by the National Institute of Mental Health (USA) to act positively on serotonin¸ nor-adrenaline¸ nicotine and dopamine receptor-sites in the brain.

Suggested Dosage:
1 capsule twice daily or as directed by a health prractitioner.

Contra-Indications & Cautions:
Although there have been no confirmed reports of drug interactions¸ because of the neuro-receptor activities of Sceletium tortuosum there are theoretical interactions with other psychiatric medications and cardiac drugs. People taking any psychiatric drug (including all anti-anxiety drugs¸ sedatives¸ hypnotics¸ anti-depessants and anti-psychotics and so-called designer or recreational drugs) or any cardiac medications¸ are advised not to take Sceletium-containing products. Do not use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Keep out of reach of children.

Side Effects:
Very few people experience side-effects with Sceletium tortuosum. The reported side-effects include occasional episodes of mild headache¸ slight nausea¸ no vomiting¸ soft stool or loose stool with no cramping¸ transient increase in anxiety or irritability an hour after initiating treatment¸ which resolves after an hour or so¸ insomnia: corrected by lowering the dose or taking the product not later than midday¸ a feeling of sedation: corrected by taking the product as a single 50mg dose at night. In large doses Sceletium can cause euphoria¸ but without any associated come-down. Long-term use followed by abstinence has not been reported to result in any withdrawal state. The plant is not hallucinogenic¸ and no severe adverse effects have been documented.

Store below 25OC in a dry place.
Protect from light.
Keep out of reach of children