Gerovital-H3 injectable GH3 Ampoules 5 x 5ml Ampoules



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Gerovital is an anti-depressant with a cortisol-inhibiting effect that provides a whole host of revitalising properties

Also known as GH3 or KH3: Gerovital-H3's principle ingredient is procaine. This is the famous and original anti-aging drug discovered by Professor Ana Aslan of Bucharest.

Gerovital-H3 improves cell metabolism and has an effect on many mental and body functions¸ it improves concentration and vitality¸ alleviates joint stiffness¸ enhances well-being and acts as an anti-depressant. It is even known to improve skin and hair condition. Gervotial-H3 is also known to lower cholesterol levels and you can click here to see charts depicting Gerovital's lowering action on cholesterol.

Importantly¸ Gerovital-H3 can help reduce cortisol levels. Cortisol is the hormone responsible for stress and a rare hormone in that it is one of the few that increases with age. It is believed that high-cortisol levels lead to accelerated aging because cortisol attacks the hypothalamus¸ (the area of the brain that controls the endocrine system). Ironically¸ cortisol may run out-of-control due to its ability to damage the hypothalamus that controls the adrenal glands that produce cortisol! Thus this vicious catch-22 situation leads to an impaired endocrine system and forms part of the Neuroendocrine Theory of Aging.

Gerovital-H3 is also a reversible reducer the brain enzyme MAO¸ a substance that breaks down neurotransmitters and increases with age having a detrimental affect on brain function¸ thus accounting for Gerovital-H3's anti-depressant affects.

Gerovital-H3 is most effective when used over a long period at 100mg to 200mg daily with regular breaks. The tablets are best taken on an empty stomach with liquid.

Our Gerovital-H3 is the original formulation of Dr. Aslan product and it differs from KH3 by also containing potassium metabisulphite¸ benzoic acid and disodium phosphate.

Compared to KH3¸ Gerovital-H3 tablets contain twice as much procaine. Diabetics should be aware that both types of tablet are sugar coated.

GH3 Pro is a generic version of Gerovital-H3 which mimics her original formula exactly.

GH3 improves cell metabolism and has an effect on many mental and body functions. It improves concentration and vitality¸ alleviates joint stiffness¸ enhances well-being and acts as an anti-depressant. GH3 is also known to lower cholesterol and cortisol levels.

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Chemical: Procaine hydrochloride 0.1000g¸ Benzoic acid 0.0060g¸ Potassium metabisulfite 0.0050g¸ Disodium phosphate 0.0005g. Either in 6x5ml ampoules or 25x100mg tablets (sugar coated).

Actions: The complex effects of Gerovital H3 are due to its activity both at the level of the central and neurovegetative nervous systems¸ and at the level of the cells¸ through the stimulation of tissues regeneration and the improvement of metabolic processes¸ the product has also been proved to act in the oxidation reduction phenomena of the cell. By its eutrophic action¸ the product maintains the equilibrium of the cortical processes and ensures the normal activity of the nervous system. Gerovital H3 exerts an antiacetylcholinic¸ sympatholic¸ antihistamine and antiallergic effect¸ the product decreases the excitability of the striated muscles; it also acts as a spasmolytic¸ antifibrillary¸ vasodilating¸ diuretic and lipotropic agent.

Indications: Preventative and curative treatment of old age phenomena. It is also indicated in tropic disorders¸ neuritis¸ cerebral and peripheral arteriosclerosis¸ Parkinson’s disease¸ spondylosis¸ arthrosis¸ osteoporosis¸ neurodermitis¸ eczema¸ alopecia¸ psoriasis¸ sclederma and vitiligo.

Contraindications: Specific allergy to procaine (individual tolerance will be tested).

Adverse Reactions: No adverse reactions have been recorded. With procaine sensitive persons¸ the following phenomena may however appear; cephalea¸ shaking¸ bradycardia or tachycardia¸ motor or psycic restlessness¸ allergic reactions.

Incompatibility: Gerovital H3 should not be administered simultaneously with sulphonamides (inactivation)¸ eserine or prostigmine.

Dosages and Administration: Preventative treatment of old age phenomena; Per Os- 2 tablets daily¸ two or three hours after meals¸ over a period of 12 days. The treatment should be repeated after a one month break. Parentally; 1 intramuscular injection three times a week¸ over a period of 4 weeks. The treatment should be repeated after an intermission of 1 to 2 months. The association of both methods of administration is recommended.
•4 series of injections (3 per week¸ a total of 12 ampoules); 30 days break; 4 series of tablets (2 daily for 12 days). After 24 days of intermission a new course of treatment may be begun.
•The curative treatment is generally¸ a long term one; 1 intramuscular injection 3 times a week (12 injections per month). After a 10 day break the treatment should be resumed. The series of injections could be alternated with the oral treatment; 6 series of injections and 5 series of tablets¸ with 10 day intermissions between the courses.
•In arthritis¸ Gerovital H3 may be administered intraarterially or both intra and periartially.
•In arthrosis¸ it may be administered intraarticulary and periarticulary.
•In asthma and vasospasm¸ 1 ampoule can be administered daily¸ in slow intravenous injection there will be a 2 or 3 courses of 12 injections¸ with 7 day breaks between them.
•In cases of advanced old age phenomena¸ the parental treatment alone is recommended.

Storage: At room temperature¸ protected from light and humidity.