OsteoEze Gout Formula 60 Capsules- Nativa



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OsteoEze Gout Formula assists the body with the management of gout as well as the symptoms associated with gout attacks.

Gout attacks take place when high uric acid levels leads to the deposit of gout crystals (often in the right big toe or other joints like the knee or foot).  It results in a red, hot swollen and extremely sensitive joint that can swell up (or pop) in no time.

What the actives target

The proteolytic enzymes in Bromelain and Papain support the body with the breakdown of protein.

The build-up of Purine (a protein) is inter alia responsible for the build-up of uric acid.

Devil’s claw displays both anti-inflammatory and pain management properties. 

Turmeric (in curcumin) assists the body to manage inflammation and pain.

It is also a strong antioxidant that assists to curb cell degeneration. 

Boswellia serrata displays anti-inflammatory properties and assists the body to manage pain.

It also lends a helping hand to enhance blood supply to the inflamed joints – to assist with repair and recovery.  

Grape seed and Pine bark extracts are powerful anti-oxidants that support the countering of oxidative stress and cell degeneration. 

It also helps the body to keep uric acid more soluble. 

Vitamin C assists the body with collagen production and anti-oxidant support.


Do not take OsteoEze Gout Formula if you are allergic to any of the actives.

The formula has blood thinning properties.  So, take under the care of your healthcare practitioner if you are on blood thinning medication.

Using Matla Immune Booster:

Take two Matla Immune Booster tablets per day for the first two weeks.

If your condition has improved significantly after that, take one table once a day.

If not, stay on the initial dosage until it does.