How to pay by Bitcoin


Making a payment by Bitcoin may seem complicated, but it actually isn't. There is an initial set up process which, once done the first time, will make it easy going forward.


Step 1 - Getting a Bitcoin wallet:

You will need a Bitcoin wallet to make Bitcoin payments.There are many to choose from and they can all generally make payments to eachother.

Here is a list of the most popular Bitcoin wallets:

Create a wallet and go through the authentication process.


Step 2 - Load Bitcoin into your wallet

You will need to load some Bitcoin into your wallet. Deposit a little more than the $ equivalent of your order into your awallet. This will ensure that you have enough in there to cover your order and any transaction fees that there may be.


Step 3 - Make your payment

 Payment is made using a payment address. ours is:


Some apps allow you to scan the QR code for the address. Here it is:

Remember to add in a note with your order number so that it is easy for us to tie up your payment with your order.

Let us know that you have made payment.


NOTE: For security and privacy reasons, the payment address changes regularly, so please only use the address that you have been sent within a one month time period of the day it was sent to you. You can ask us for an updated address if you need one.