Cellfood LONGEVITY - 29ml bottle



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. Cellfood® LONGEVITY is a DNA Regenerating Formula that assists the body in:
• Slowing down the ageing process by reducing homocysteine in the blood stream
• Extending longevity by supplying the cells with nucleic acids for regenerating the DNA of cells; and
• Supplying the cells with additional cellular energy (ATP).
Nucliec acid supplementation extends longevity

ATP is also beneficial for:

• Neurological effects¸ e.g. improved learning and memory¸ improved nerve conduction¸ relief of nerve pain
• Improved pulmonary function¸ even in cystic fibrosis
• Enhancement of cellular immunity
• Direct anti-tumour effects
• Improved sexual function - diabetic males

 Directions for Use

Cellfood is a liquid concentrate¸ taken by mixing a number of drops in glass of distilled or filtered water. If you use ordinary tap water¸ the Cellfood starts purifying the water and the benefit you receive from the Cellfood is reduced. Boiled water should not be used. Cellfood has a slightly sour lemon taste; and¸ if you find this unpleasant¸ you can then use more water or take Cellfood in diluted grape or carrot juice. Some people prefer taking Cellfood neat by placing a few drops on the palm of their hand and licking it.

How much Cellfood you take depends upon your needs. Each person has unique needs¸ and because Cellfood is a nutritional supplement¸ everyone responds to it in a unique manner. Most people take about 12 drops first thing every morning.

Start by taking 8 drops in the morning. If you respond initially by detoxifying¸ then either reduce or increase the dosage¸ depending on how comfortable you feel with the response you are experiencing. If you take fewer drops¸ the process of detoxification will slow down. If you take more drops¸ the process will accelerate.

If you experience no difference when taking 8 drops per day¸ then increase the dosage to 10¸ 12¸ 15¸ 20 drops¸ until you experience a noticeable response.

Children: Cellfood can safely be given to children at one drop Cellfood daily per year of age. After 18¸ use normal adult dosage. Topical applications and other skin care products: Cellfood can be applied externally on the skin; either undiluted on bruises¸ warts¸ moles¸ corns¸ scars¸ etc.; or diluted (1 : 20 parts distilled water) on open wounds and for sinus problems; and (1 : 30 parts distilled water) for eye infections.

Side Effects

Because Cellfood is a totally natural preparation¸ there are no known harmful side-effects from taking it. It may trigger off some form of detoxification¸ which is a positive side-effect. You also cannot over-dose on it. Because all the ingredients are natural¸ your metabolic systems only use what they require¸ and eliminate any excess.

Detoxification and Healing Crisis: When you first take Cellfood¸ you may experience some noticeable form of detoxification¸ such as more frequent bowel movements and urination¸ slight nausea¸ mild headaches¸ and various discharges¸ e.g. mucus. As the body receives (from Cellfood) a constant stream of the essential building blocks that it needs to strengthen itself¸ the body ???vital force increases. This enables the body to liquefy accumulated waste and toxins that have been lodged in the tissues¸ cells and organs of the body for many years¸ and to eliminate them as phlegm¸ mucus¸ etc. It is important to go through this detoxification¸ which lasts from 1 - 7 days; because¸ although you may feel slightly uncomfortable during the process¸ afterwards you experience a new level of vitality. This process of detoxification is also called a "healing crisis".


Because Cellfood is not a medicine¸ it does not cure medical conditions. Cellfood provides the essential building blocks for the body to cleanse¸ build¸ restore¸ reconstruct¸ protect¸ and balance itself. For this reason¸ once the body has cleansed and restored itself to a state of well-being¸ it is important for the person to continue taking a ??daily maintenance ?? dosage of Cellfood in order for the body to continue to

cleanse and balance itself on an ongoing basis. Cellfood can be used in conjunction with other nutritional supplements or medicines¸ because it increases the bio-availability of other substances so that they are more effectively utilized by the body. That is why people who are on heavy medication¸ and who take Cellfood¸ must be regularly monitored by their Health Practitioners. Within a few weeks¸ or months¸ the need for medication can often be gradually decreased¸ as the body cleanses¸ and gets stronger and more balanced.

Cellfood is made from only the finest natural organic ingredients. It has no alcohol or glucose¸ and no ingredients that are on the "banned list of substances" regarding the international¸ professional and amateur athletic associations. It is non-addictive¸ non-toxic¸ non-invasive¸ and there has been no animal testing.