Amino Pro (Aminoguanidine) 90 x 75mg Tabs



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Slow down the aging process with Aminoguanidine. Aminoguanidine prevents glycolysation (cross-linking glucose molecules with proteins), which has proven to be a direct cause of many age-related conditions and illnesses such as cataracts, diabetes, vascular disease and even cancer. 

What are the benefits of aminoguanidine? 

    • Prevents one of the key generic factors in the aging process: glycosylation 
    • Fights against the signs of aging and specific age-related conditions in numerous ways 
    • Prevents the enlargement and can increase collagen levels in the arterial walls 
    • Eases constricted blood vessels, or arteriosclerosis, to remarkable effect 
    • Reduces the harmful impact of bad cholesterol by inhibiting binding properties of lipoprotein 
    • Protects the skin proteins, collagen and elastin, that make up eye lenses, nerves and kidneys
    • Effectively delays the onset of diabetes: a common agent in age-related health decline.


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